News, developments and an exploration of the legal and policy issues facing artisan and small scale food producers, along with insights for the co-producer-come-consumer to help make sense of it all.

I am a barrister with a strong commitment to supporting artisan and small scale independent food producers and retailers. I want to see a change in people’s attitudes to food, farming and sustainability which includes a genuine appreciation of the journey taken by the food on your plate, a sincere respect for farmers and an understanding that a sustainable food system does not exist in a factory. I write two blogs: www.pauseforfood.com and artisanfoodlaw.wordpress.com. The former aims to stimulate thinking around current legal and policy issues which impact on artisan and small scale producers, occasionally highlighting a great producer, while the latter provides more straightforward information about food law and related matters.

More than 22 years working in the public sector, 10 years as chief legal officer of one of the largest metropolitan authorities in England, have given me a real appreciation of the legal and regulatory framework with which artisan and small scale food producers have to contend. I was also, until recently, a director and chair of Slow Food UK and a member of the board of directors of Slow Food International during which time it struck me how high a mountain it was for small producers to climb to get to grips with the plethora of legislation and regulation which exists. The artisan and small scale producer faces a wholly disproportionate burden, a fact which quickly became apparent in my discussions with so many producers.

I am also working on a food law information resource for artisan and small scale producers: www.artisanfoodlaw.co.uk Register your interest on the website and I will send you the monthly newsletter from Artisan Food Law and keep you up to date with progress. If you are a Twitter addict, or maybe you just dabble, follow @pundles or @artisanfoodlaw for up to the minute developments.

I hope you find my blogs both informative and useful. I look forward to your next visit.

Gerry A. Danby


Home  +44 (1422) 248842

Mob  +44 (7850) 956655

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